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Foreign physicians without EU citizenship

a) If a foreign expert only plans to come to your organisation to lecture or perform demonstrative surgery under your supervision and assumption of liability (or under the supervision and assumption of liability of tutors employed at your organisation), Article 5, Paragraph 2, indent 10 of the Act on Employment, Self-employment and Labour of Aliens (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 47/15): "(2) the provisions of this Act shall not apply to foreigners who:

10 participate in organised professional meetings as lecturer, present scientific achievements or occasionally assist in their implementation, foreign citizens accompanying them as technical staff as well as foreign citizens who perform research on a temporary basis (a sabbatical)”. They therefore do not need a valid medical licence or a work permit, and do not need to report their activities to the Employment Service of Slovenia. We, however, recommend that you pay attention to the provisions of the Alien Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia Nos. 61/99, 9/01, 87/02, 96/02, 93/05, 107/06-UPB 3,79/06, 111/07, 44/08, 41/09, 26/11 and 50/11) regulating the entry and stay of foreign citizens in Slovenia. The answers to these questions can be obtained from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia.

b) If, however, a foreign expert plan to provide medical services independently at the institution, meaning that they will work, such an arrangement is subject to the provisions of Articles 5, 10, 33 and 35 of ZZdrS stipulating that physicians may provide independent medical services in line with their professional qualifications if they meet the conditions set by law. A physician may perform independent medical services, if they, in addition to the conditions laid down by labour law and other regulations, also meet the profession-specific requirements laid out in ZZdrS. A physician shall:

  • Posses the appropriate education and training,
  • be entered into the physician registry,
  • possess a permit to independently perform medical services in a specialist field (hereinafter referred to as the license).

c) On 29 June 2006 (following a recommendation of the Council for Physician Education), the Executive Committee of the Medical Chamber of Slovenia passed Decision No. 185/12/2006 on the following requirements for the partial training of foreign citizens:

  • the institution at which the foreign physician will be training must send the Chamber a statement of the chief tutor and the head of the institution on assumption of liability for a period of 6 months,
  • a foreign physician who wants to train in the Republic of Slovenia must submit a Certificate of Good Standing (a certificate that the physician is a member of a Chamber at home, whether the physician has a valid licence which has never been suspended, that the physician has completed a postgraduate medical training or that they are a registrars, and that no procedure has been initiated against the physician in their country of origin). The certificate must be submitted to our institution directly from the institution responsible for issuing such certificates in the country in question. The certificate must be issued in Slovenian or English or officially translated into either of these languages.

The information on the training of foreign nationals must be submitted to the Chamber by the institution at which the foreign physician will be training. The foreign physician may make individual arrangements as to the content of the training, depending on what they want to learn or train for. A physician in training does not work independently (as they do not have a valid licence); rather, they work under the supervision of a tutor to be determined by the institution, who also assumes all liability.