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Awarding and renewing licences

Awarding and renewing licences

The license must be obtained pursuant to the special procedure by all physicians and dentists who want to provide independent health care services in Slovenia. The procedure and requirements for awarding, renewing and suspending licences is governed by the Rules on Medical Licences. A licence is awarded or renewed for a period of 7 years. In order to renew a licence, the physician or dentist need to collect a minimum of 75 credits (CME, CPD) within this period and has to work as a physician/dentist in accordance with the provisions of the Rules.

As part of their professional responsibilities, physicians and dentists and dentists are required to partake in continuous and active learning throughout their professional careers. Throughout their professional activities, they are required to choose continuous professional training programmes corresponding to their professional needs and the development of their profession.

The purpose of continuous professional education is to maintain, update, deepen and broaden their competences as physicians and to learn and master and professional skills, their bedside manner, their interaction with the public and their attitude to their profession.

Continuous professional development

In order to renew their licence, every physician or dentist needs to provide proof of professional competences over the last seven years by collecting at least 75 credits (CME, CPD). Of those, at least 50 credits (CME, CPD) need to have been acquired in the specialist field for which the practitioner was licensed, and at least 5 credits (CME, CPD) must be obtained in the areas of patient safety and the quality of medical treatment, ethics and communication.